Monday, June 6, 2011

Trend Alert - Color Blocking - Is it only for fashion?

Color blocking is everywhere on the runways. Usually around this time, pastels and other muted, soft "spring-like" colors graze the runway. Not this year. Color seems to be the theme this spring.


I think it's awesome. I love color. Especially at this time of year. 
I can't wait for this trend to hit the interior design industry and the architecture field. I imagine to a color phobe, the thought of bright pink and fluorescent orange on your walls may freak you out. But if you are bold, why not? You could do different size quadrilaterals in paint on your walls or just frame a bunch of different colors and do a huge art piece. With color, the possibilities truly are endless. Also, paint is a great way to keep your cost down and change your look as often as you'd like. 

Here are some examples of Color Blocking for interior spaces. I expect much more to pop up soon... 

What an amazing idea for a kids playroom or even an art classroom
Apartment complex. Pretty awesome
Bank lobby in Italy.... I'd give them my money.
Awesome wall clock

See? Color does not have to be scary or daunting. Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to take the plunge. Just remember too much color can easily result in overkill. If your doing color on your walls, keep the casegoods a neutral color. If you want to incorporate color blocking in accessories and your furniture, keep your walls neutral. 

Balance is the key :)


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