Monday, June 6, 2011

Trend Alert - Color Blocking - Is it only for fashion?

Color blocking is everywhere on the runways. Usually around this time, pastels and other muted, soft "spring-like" colors graze the runway. Not this year. Color seems to be the theme this spring.


I think it's awesome. I love color. Especially at this time of year. 
I can't wait for this trend to hit the interior design industry and the architecture field. I imagine to a color phobe, the thought of bright pink and fluorescent orange on your walls may freak you out. But if you are bold, why not? You could do different size quadrilaterals in paint on your walls or just frame a bunch of different colors and do a huge art piece. With color, the possibilities truly are endless. Also, paint is a great way to keep your cost down and change your look as often as you'd like. 

Here are some examples of Color Blocking for interior spaces. I expect much more to pop up soon... 

What an amazing idea for a kids playroom or even an art classroom
Apartment complex. Pretty awesome
Bank lobby in Italy.... I'd give them my money.
Awesome wall clock

See? Color does not have to be scary or daunting. Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need to take the plunge. Just remember too much color can easily result in overkill. If your doing color on your walls, keep the casegoods a neutral color. If you want to incorporate color blocking in accessories and your furniture, keep your walls neutral. 

Balance is the key :)


Iconic Inspiration - Iris Apfel


What an inspiration! Apfel 2012??

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Herbert Matter

Excellent post from Dwell. Leave it to them to blow it out of the water with this pictorial post on Herbert Matter. (American photographer and graphic designer who greatly influenced the field of graphic design)

I am especially fond of him because of his collaboration with Knoll. Not only did he come up with their logo, but he produced some of their best ad campaigns of all time.

Here are a few examples of his work for Knoll

Capital Design

They did it again.

The 2011 Washington D.C Design house is amazing. If you didn't know, this is the fourth annual DC Design House Designer competition and this year, the home is most impressive. The house is a 1925 Tudor and thanks to this renovation, it is once again ready to be the center of attention. The house is located in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Northwest Washington DC and is open for tours until May 8,  2011. (20 dollars and ALL proceeds benefit the Children's National Medical Center)

Here is how it works.

Leading designers from the area enter the contest and once selected are giving a month to transform their respective areas. The architects, designers and decorators are asked to use current industry trends to inspire the daily visitors. Once completed, the house is open for tours and put on the market for sale (currently listed for 4.9 million)

Here are a couple of highlights.

David Mitchell's masculine bedroom features a cowhide floor covering and vintage bird prints

The master bedroom designed by Iantha Carley features gorgeous green and white geometric print by David Hicks

Iantha Carley also designed the dressing room which opens into the master suite

family room by Barbara Francesk
Barbara Franceski of Alexandria furnished the family room with multiple seating areas and lots of textures, including: leather, steel, wood, alpaca and crystal.

Camille Saum furnished this romantic dining room with dramatic French-style chairs covered in yellow patent leather. In a designer twist, she upholstered the backs in floral linen

Click here if you are in the Washington DC area and would like to tour this home